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On account of introduction of Fungible FSI and various amendments to the Section 33 (7) of Development Control Rules, 1991 (DCR), the many growing families residing in old and dilapidated tenanted buildings falling under Cess Buildings Category in Mumbai and who are planning to go in for redevelopment will now have their houses with more Carpet Area.

The Government of Maharashtra had amended the Development Control Rules to enable the tenants to get minimum 300 sq. ft. and maximum 753.50 sq. ft. Carpet Area flats post-redevelopment. This means, a resident member invariably, is entitled to get a minimum of 300 sq. ft. the existing Carpet Area and if the existing Carpet Area occupied is more than 753 sq. ft. Carpet Area, the tenant is entitled to get maximum of 753 sq. ft. Carpet Area only.

As per the modified Development Control Rules, the tenants will also be able to get further additional area up to 35% as Fungible FSI applicable to all sizes of flats i.e. on minimum of Carpet Area of 300 sq.ft, an additional area up to 105 sq.ft aggregating a minimum of 405 sq.ft Carpet Area and an additional area up to 264 sq.ft aggregating a maximum of 1017 sq.ft Carpet Area in lieu of their tenements after redevelopment.

As declared earlier under the amended DCR Rules, each tenant of redeveloped building is also entitled to get a Corpus Fund with a minimum amount of Rs. 1 Lakh towards the anticipated increase of Maintenance and Repairs Charges for ten years.

No premium will be charged for fungible FSI on rehab area of the Flat. However, on the free sale area of the Redeveloper, the same would be available at 60% Premium for Residential, 80% for Industrial and 100% for Commercial at the Ready Recknor Rates.

The Fungible FSI can be used for making Flower-Bed, Dry Balcony, Nitch Area or Voids; else it can be used for constructing bigger habitable areas. While redeveloping the cessed buildings in Suburbs, the Fungible FSI on the FSI already consumed in the existing buildings will be available free of premium.

The Jackpot under this amendment will bring benefit to more than 16,000 families, a majority of lower middle class who live in hazardously wrecked structures mostly in Southern areas of Mumbai.

For the Redevelopment or Reconstruction of Old Cessed Buildings, the Government of Maharashtra has already approved a Floor Space Index (FSI) of 3 as against the earlier 2.5 over the existing Plot Area of the Property and for those buildings where incentives are allowed for redevelopment, if that FSI is higher than 3 as against the earlier 2.5, the higher FSI would be applicable.